Children’s Dentistry

Chilldren’s dentistry are cared for within the NHS. Positive, stress-free experiences at the dentist from early childhood have real advantages for children.

At Bamber Bridge Dental Care we offer reassuring and child-friendly care. We can minimise anxiety and optimise dental health which will be with them all through their lives.


We encourage bringing children into the practice from the age of 6 months, or sooner if there are problems. They will get used to the environment and sitting in the chair with a fun and fuss-free experience.


It is also our opportunity to review and explain the development of your child’s teeth. Appropriate oral health advice and good early brushing habits will help keep your child’s teeth in good condition now and in the future.


Treatments include:

    • Oral hygiene and dietary instructions
    • Fissure sealants
    • Fluoride applications
    • Orthodontic assessments
    • Sport guards

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