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Dentures are removable dental prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. Dentures can restore your smile and allow you to speak and eat normally.

Dentures are custom-made for your mouth and fit over your gums. They can enhance the natural appearance of your face and boost your self-confidence.


What are full dentures?

A full denture replaces all the teeth at the top or the bottom of your mouth.


What are partial dentures?

A partial denture fills the space left by several missing teeth and may be secured with clasps around your healthy teeth.


What is involved in denture treatment?

Your dentist will assess your teeth and mouth to determine a treatment plan adapted to your requirements.


If a full or partial denture is right for you, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth.

Dentures are made from high-quality, natural colour acrylic material. Dentures take at least 2 appointments to finish. Your dentist can discuss how many visits it will take you to get your dentures made. During your final appointment, your dentures will be fitted.


How long does a composite bonding treatment last?

With regular care, bonding usually lasts 3-5 years although it can be longer depending on how well teeth are looked after. However, biting on hard foods such as ice cubes or chewing nails or pens can chip the surface.


If damaged, composite bonding is usually simple to repair or replace when required.


Following treatment, we would always recommend regular maintenance visits usually every 6 months to ensure your gums stay healthy and make sure your smile stays in good shape.

Does composite bonding hurt?

Composite bonding does not hurt. We understand that many patients are nervous about dental treatment and we will always take out time to explain each procedure and help you feel reassured.


Depending on the tooth situation there may be existing decay or other fillings that may need to be removed before composite can be placed. If this is the case, you will be told in advance and we would make sure the area is numb so you won’t feel any pain.

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