Mouth Cancer Screening Preston

Mouth cancer screening is an effective way to detect oral cancer at an early stage.  We can reduce the potential impact and advise you on mouth cancer risk factors.

Mouth cancer affects thousands of people every year in the UK.  However, with prevention and early detection, successful recovery rates are much higher.


What is mouth cancer screening?

Mouth cancer screening is a routine examination where we closely check your face, lips, throat and neck, as well as inside your mouth. We routinely screen for oral cancer at Bamber Bridge Dental Care whenever you come in for a check-up appointment.


Where can mouth cancer occur?

Tumours can commonly appear on the tongue or floor of the mouth as well as:

    • Throat
    • Palate
    • Lips
    • Gums
    • Face


What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

Signs that you should not ignore include:

    • Persistent growths or lumps
    • An ulcer that bleeds and does not heal
    • Red or white patches
    • Persistent pain or difficulty when swallowing


While these signs are not necessarily symptoms of mouth cancer, it is advisable to get a medical consultation as soon as possible.


Can I reduce the risk of oral cancer?

During an oral health assessment, we can advise you on the actions you can take to reduce the risk of mouth cancer. These include stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and eating a balanced diet.

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