Smile Makeover Preston

A radiant smile can enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a custom treatment program created by your dentist to improve the condition and appearance of your teeth for a great smile.


If you would like whiter, straighter or more regular teeth with no visible cracking or gaps, a smile makeover can give excellent results.


What treatments are used in a smile makeover?

One or more dental treatments may be recommended by your dentist to improve your smile including:

    • Veneers– thin porcelain shells that cover the outer surface of a tooth in case of cracking and discolouration of visible teeth.
    • Crowns–  are cap that cover the teeth to improve their appearance, strength and function.
    • White fillings– replace dark amalgam with more natural-looking white fillings.
    • Bridges– replace missing teeth with a bridge dental treatment.
    • Teeth-whitening lighten the colour and brighten your smile.
    • Re-shaping– correct unevenness and chips with tooth remodelling.
    • Composite bonding– improve the appearance of front teeth with a natural coloured resin coating.
    • Teeth-straightening – help align and correct misplaced teeth.

In addition, your dentist will advise you on optimising your dental and oral health to keep your smile in the best possible condition.

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