What are tooth coloured fillings?

What are tooth coloured fillings?

Frequently asked questions about tooth coloured fillings

  1. What are tooth coloured fillings?
  2. Why would I want them?
  3. Are they better than metal fillings?
  4. How long do they last?
  5. How much do they cost?


1. What are tooth coloured fillings?

Tooth coloured fillings are a restoration material made from composite resin. The composite resin is then chemically bonded to your tooth to prevent it from falling out.

Tooth coloured fillings, also known as composite fillings, come in an array of shades, your dentist will choose a shade which matches the colour of your own teeth.

2. Why would I want them?

  • Aesthetics – they are more natural-looking than traditional metal amalgams and will blend in with the surrounding teeth
  • Quicker treatment – composite fillings are cured and set in place by a dental light, meaning that you can eat on them straight away
  • Mercury-free – they do not contain any mercury
  • Preserve natural tooth structure – composite fillings require minimal tooth structure removal as it is chemically bonded to your existing tooth


3. Are they better than metal fillings?

Metal fillings can last longer than composites if cared for correctly. Metal fillings can last 10-15 years whereas composites can last from 7-10 years.

Metal fillings put extra strain on the tooth structure when compared to composite fillings. Metal expands and retracts in the mouth upon hot/cold drinks and food which can lead to further tooth breakages.

Composite fillings are instantly set by a dental light whereas amalgam sets over a 24-hour period. Instant setting means that you can eat your favourite foods without having to worry about damaging the filling.


4How long do they last?

Composite fillings typically last from 7-10 years, however they can last for many more years if they are cleaned and maintained well.


5. How much do they cost?

The cost of composite fillings varies depending on how many surfaces of the tooth the cavity covers and how many teeth require fillings.

Your dentist will be able to create a treatment plan tailored to you and provide a quote for the work required.


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