White Spot On Teeth Treatment

White spots or white marks on teeth can be unsightly and can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. These are common and fortunately can be treated to blend in so your smile will be spotless.

What causes white spots or white marks on teeth?

White spots on teeth can be caused by a variety of things. It is common in children and adults.

This may be natural variation in the development of the tooth or other causes such as tooth trauma, illness, diet, plaque accumulation, excessive fluoride


How can white spots or white marks be treated?

There is a combination of treatments that are available to help remove white spots and at Bamber Bridge Dental Care we like to start with the more minimally invasive techniques first but for the deeper engrained discolouration, some tooth preparation may be required. Treatments include teeth whitening, ICON white spot treatment, microabrasion, composite bonding, porcelain or ceramic veneers.


ICON white spot treatment

Icon treatment is a gentle method for counteracting white spots on your teeth. It is a highly conservative way to improve the aesthetics of teeth affected by fluorosis or trauma in children and adults. There is no unnecessary loss of healthy tissue, no drilling required and a patient-friendly application process in only one sitting.

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